Health and Wellness 101


Do You Eat Together As A Family?
Let me show you how families that eat together stay together!!
When life gets busy, it can be easy to slip into the rut of eating on the run and neglecting to take time to sit down together. Yet this is something we should be striving to avoid. There are a whole host of benefits that comes with taking the time to eat breakfast, lunch and/or dinner together, at the table.

It need not be anything fancy. Or require one of you to spend hours slaving away in the kitchen. The benefits of eating together are there to be had regardless of the quality of your food. Takeaway pizza shared at the table can be just as beneficial as a home cooked meal. I, myself, prefer a healthier meal, but any meal will do!

As long as you clear away distractions and make the time to focus on each other, and of course the food.

1. Eating together helps you connect.

It can be difficult to reach out and nurture you family relationships if you aren’t spending enough time together. We need to eat every day. So if you make a point of eating together, you will automatically be creating the shared time so critical for ensuring you and hit family members don’t drift apart.

2. Eating together provides an opportunity to practice gratitude.

In my house we have recently started a habit of sharing at least one thing we’re thankful for before we start eating. Just one thing, no matter how small. It’s amazing how scanning through your day looking for the positive makes you realise how lucky you are. It’s not often that we only have one thing to share. I try to make my son reshare his day at school,or from a playdate so that his dad can feel like he is aware of what his son has done, learned and and challenges or triumphs that occurred that day..

Another positive outcome is when something good happens during my day, I now make a special mental note to remember to share it at dinner. It’s a great positive conversation starter as well. I share a lot online with my friends but there are times that I may not speak with my husband until he comes through the door after work.

3. Eating together helps you relax.

After a long day at the office or working at home,braking care of my son, My son and I benefit from the simple pleasure of preparing and enjoying our evening meal. No only does it give you a chance to bond while cooking and allowing my husband and myself to unwind from the day, it prepares you for a well earned, rejuvenating sleep.

4. Eating together encourages mindful eating.

By sharing a meal, and actually taking the time to talk about what you’re experiencing in terms of flavours and textures, you are both more likely to be mindful of your food, rather than wolfing it down. This leads to further benefits such as reduced over eating, improved digestion and increased enjoyment of food as well as watching exactly what you eat and how much.

5. Eating together improves nutrition

I know when I’m cooking and eating by myself, I put far less effort into my meals, although it’s mostly healthy. But when I’m cooking for the family, I’m far more likely to plan something nutritious for all of us and go to the effort of making a side salad or some extra vegetables. And even try new healthier recipes for all the family to enjoy!!

6. Eating together is fun!

One of life’s greatest pleasures is sharing good food with the one you love. Life is too short to miss out on this simple joy and all the good things it can bring to our relationships.

So think about it when you are racing out. Take a few minutes to eat together and share as many meals as possible together.. It’s a great way to get the family involved in healthy eating!!

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