I was never a believer in “protein” shakes and thought it was just a bunch of stuff thrown together into a smoothie type drink…I was never a big fan of vegetables as a kid, and now there are only a handful I can say I really like now as an adult…But as I began eating better, I added vegetables to my diet and thought that I was finally adding in the super antioxidant and prebiotic ingredients I needed. But I was wrong. Even vegetables do not carry the antioxidants, prebiotics and enzymes of some of the exotic superfoods out there….

When I first joined Beachbody, I did not order Shakeology. I thought the price was too high and thought it would taste like the shakes I had already tried and did not like the taste of such as the cheaper shakes you find in the grocery stores such as Slim Fast, or Insagenix, and all the others I bought and tried over the years…. But I would soon realize that none compare to the benefits and taste and cost of Shakeology, regular and vegan flavor (although I personally prefer regular)!

But as I was beginning to see results from my workouts, and lost some weight, I decided I wanted to add a vitamin regimen to my diet and spent a few hundred on all types of vitamins…Once my friend saw what I had purchased, she quickly asked me to try a Shake. I was reluctant but did so in order to be nice….Well, chocolate is my weakness so obviously, I tried the chocolate flavor….Wow, All I can say was, I was hooked especially when it was blended with a banana and a teaspoon of peanut butter….YUMMY! To date still my favorite recipe!!

I still was skeptical as a stay at home mom, and finally talked my hubby into letting me get it. See, once I am determined, I will find a way…so I went with

out to make sure I had the money to pay for a month supply…
See, in order to truly get the benefit and feel good about what you are getting, you may need to do without. It could be that specialty coffee each morning, or it may mean brining lunch to work for a few days, but you will see just how easy it is to come up with the money, which is the number 1 reason people are hesitant to try it….I know, that was me…But not now…You can not take my shakes away from me now….NEVER!! Lol

People have doubts about the benefits and I wanted to share some important information about Shakeology and the benefits it can provide you without going into the 70 different ingredients that are in it…That would be too boring… So here is my description of the best Shake on earth and one that has helped me continue to lose weight, provide me with energy and curb my cravings. You may think I am partial since I am a Beachbody Coach but I am also a stay at home mom with one income so deciding to continue with this and make it an everyday meal for me took some rearranging of funds and I found that I was willing to give up things in order to get my nutrition.

So here is my actual description of how I feel Shakeology is….Grant it, many people are skeptical and have a hard time believing that this one dense dose of nutrition is really worth the money and I for one, find that the benefits far outweigh any doubts you may have….

Shakeology is the most delicious, nutrient-dense, superfood-packed protein shake on the planet. It’s made with the healthy stuff you should be eating every day, but typically don’t. Shakeology’s the perfect combination of proteins, phytonutrients, antioxidants, enzymes, prebiotics, and probiotics. Plus, it also contains many rare ingredients, including adaptogens, camu-camu, and maca root—things we can’t get from an ordinary diet. So whether you use Shakeology for weight loss, or drink it to optimize your health, this powerful and delicious shake is Your Daily Dose of Dense Nutrition.

My top reasons for drinking it everyday is:
– Provides me with energy all day long – no need for multiple cups of coffee per day.
– Curbs my junk food cravings – oh yes, and I love my desserts and chocolate
– Helps me feel full longer
– Helps with digestion – no need to go into further detail
– Helps jumstart and aid in my actual weightlos
– Finally, I have found that my hair and nails look better……Shall I go on?

Find out for yourself just how great Shakeology is! You get the bottom of the bag guarantee.. Not satisfied, full refund.. You can’t beat that!

Please visit my Shakeology website for more information including how it was started, nutritional value, delicious recipes and more!


Shakeology as a Meal Replacement


Find out for Yourself by visiting my Shakeology Web Page for awesome information including recipes, nutritional facts, how it got started, etc.. It truly is the best meal of my day!


Chocolate is my absolute favorite! It's like a treat but healthy!

Chocolate is my absolute favorite! It’s like a treat but healthy!

Shakeology is a dietary supplement that when prepared with certain liquids, healthy ingredients, and/or fruit can contain enough calories to replace a meal. As with all dietary supplements, Shakeology is designed to supplement your healthy diet and not be the only source of nutrition throughout the day. Shakeology is not recommended to replace more than two meals per day.

If you would like to try Shakeology for yourself, please feel free to contact me or leave me a message….The only way you can see just how great it is, is to actually try it for yourself.


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