About Me

My name is Denise and I am a mother to a wonderful 5 year old little boy and a wife to a wonderful hard working husband.  Most of my life, I was always “over-weight” and ate meals that  were high in fat, carbohydrates and lacked healthy substance.. I was depressed growing




I have changed my whole life to make sure that I imageam the mother he can love, admire and learn from. I am also married to a wonderful man who is hardworking and very supportive.

I never liked to share parts of my life until recently when my life took a change for the better…

Currently, I am a Fitness Coach and Motivator with Beachbody and love what I do…I am also certified in Weight Management and will soon be in Personal Fitness and Life Wellness. I am also completing the awesome Insanity Program so that I can get my certification in Spring as well as starting my own Fit Club. I get to help people, who just like me, want to learn how to feel better about themselves. I help others begin fitness journeys and motivate and inspire them through coaching, daily support and personal sharing.

I turned to Beachbody when I was at a low point in my life and didn’t like how I felt or looked. I was depressed, unhappy as a mother, a wife and overall person.


This was the unhealthiest I have been in my life!


I was at my low. Then my the grace of God, I decided to change that and began my own fitness journey and have never looked back. I am happy to say that now my life is more fulfilled and I finally like who I see when I look in the mirror. This journey has helped me in every aspect of my life including being the best mother to my son, a wife to my husband and all around confident being.

My life now involves helping others to learn to feel the way I do. And with this site, I hope to share information and inspiration to others. Feel free to look at some of the awesome programs that are currently available. I have Online Private Challenge Groups held monthly so please let go of all your excuses.. And finally make that change you have been putting on forever, because the kids, spouses, family, work, etc..make it hard to commit but doesn’t mean you can’t get the strength to actually start a Health  and/or Nutritional Programs and achieve your goals!!

We only have one body, and I chose to use it wisely – mind, body and spirit!

Please feel free to follow me along my journey and comment and make suggestions along the way! Also, please contact me and leave your email so I can provide you with my monthly Newsletter!



Also, please feel free to visit my Facebook Page – A Real a Good Thing for more information on my challenge groups as well as free clean eating groups!





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