Exercise Your Right to Bare Arms!

Looking at Hollywood’s red carpet, Fashion Magazines, and Anywhere else for that matter, all Im seeing is that women (not just men)  are all about developing and toning their upper arms. Even first lady Michelle Obama proudly shows her fantastic biceps regularly. I’m really trying to work my upper body and not only gain more strength but get tone and more defined arms.. And you know what? Buff arms can be yours too! What you need is a move that will make what I call the “belly” of the biceps really pop! Ready? Get in the right mind-set — it’s time to concentrate!

Try this exercise for ripped biceps!

Try this exercise for ripped biceps!

Concentration Curls
For this move, hold a dumbbell in your right hand and sit on the edge of a bench or a chair with your feet a few inches wider than your hips. Lean forward from your hips, and place your right elbow against the inside of your right thigh, just behind your knee. The weight should hang down near the inside of your ankle.
Place your left palm on top of your left thigh. Exhale and bend your right arm, curling the dumbbell three-quarters of the way up toward your shoulder. Hold for a beat, then inhale slowly, lowering the weight, and repeat. Do a complete set (10 to 15 reps) on one arm, then switch to the other.
The concentration curl really helps isolate the biceps by taking any assistance from the back and shoulders totally out of the equation. Be careful not to cheat by leaning back for help when you are lifting the weight.

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