Got Tunes for That?

Have the winter blues?? Tired of the snow, ice, rain? Tired of sitting around waiting for warmer weather? Sunlight? Spring?

Why wait?  Instead of waiting for something to change, why not change it yourself.. Why not get started NOW on getting rid of those winter blues and some pounds while you are at it?

The road to weight loss is often strewn with fad diets, broken promises, and exercise equipment that gathers dust instead of logging miles. As someone who exercises everyday and coaches others on healthy eating and fitness I can say,  you no longer have to worry about falling off a gimmicky diet because your eating plan is all about good nutrition and making healthy choices. You also need to make sure you are getting regular physical activity.

And what better time than springtime to kick your fitness up a notch? Longer days and warmer weather provide the perfect motivation. And you don’t have to start training for a marathon, either; as long as you’re getting more activity than you used to – such as 20-30 minutes a day to start- you’re on the right track.

Let springtime’s rejuvenation inspire you to break down those barriers and finally make fitness a way of life.

Music goes great with exercise!!

Music goes great with exercise!!enation inspire you to break down those barriers and finally make fitness a way of life.

The Power of Physical Activity
Regular physical activity improves your mood, enhances the quality of your life, helps you burn off stress — and, most important, it strengthens your body while it burns calories. Physical activity helps your body work the way it is supposed to. Even simple walking is a good, weight-bearing exercise that helps keep muscles — including your heart — strong.

The next time you finish your workout, think about how good you feel. Many people have trouble getting started, but once they finish, they feel terrific, partly due to endorphins, those feel-good brain chemicals.

But that’s not all. Do your workout to music, and you may impress your friends with your improved verbal skills. A recent study published in the journal Heart and Lung found that cardiac rehabilitation patients felt better mentally and emotionally after working out on the treadmill. And when they added music to their workouts, they doubled their scores on verbal tests.

Evidence suggests that physical activity improves mental ability in peple and music enhances brainpower. And the combination of music and exercise was found to be more stimulating to the brain than exercise alone. So make sure you have your tunes before you start your workout!

If you are looking for some at home fitness programs or more wellness and nutritional information, please contact me! Don’t know which program you would like to try? How about all of them? Along with a 30 day supply of SHakeology? Sound too good to be true? It is exactly that.. easy. What better way to get in shape than withyour own personal coach and your exercise of choice along with daily nutrition?

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