New Year’s Resolutions, Action Plans – Why and How! Part Two

In my first blog about New Year’s Resolutions, I discussed how most of them are unsuccessful and how often than most, the plan fails due to the lack of an action plan and how the majority of people who make them, especially if it is to get fit or healthy, end up breaking them!

In my second blog, I would like to continue with discussion of the idea of creating New Year’s Resolutions and our ability to stick with them or for most, breaking them…..I would like to share some more information that can help you determine some action steps that you can take to actually make your resolution a success…

First I would like to share some numbers with you….A Department of Labor survey of adults asked them to identify some of the biggest issues that prevents them from achieving their New Year’s Resolutions or goals. The top 3 reasons specified were:

#1 – Procrastination
#2 – Lack of Discipline
#3 – No game plan or action plan

I would like to help you design an action plan for diet and fitness related resolutions that will help eliminate these top issues…..

The first and most important step that is needed is to find a positive support system…For some, family may be just what you need. But, if your family members are struggling with the same diet or weight loss issues as you, but aren’t ready to commit themselves to change, then you might to look elsewhere. Second, try friends…But again, if they are struggling with their own issues, again, you may need to go elsewhere….Now Where Can You Go?

Stay Tuned for Blog #3 to help with where to go and what to do when looking for a support system to help with your Fitness and Health Related Resolutions and Goals for the upcoming New Year! Please follow my blog and comment/leave feedback…..



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