Stories That Inspire Us……..Everyday!

We are a people of Stories! Sacred texts, collective histories, and literature tell us who we are. These stories chronicle our lives as we live it and understand it to be….

What is your story? Anyone who has ever told a story and heard someone say “That same thing happened to me!” has witnessed the connection that is possible through stories! We all have one and one to share…Some are happier and better than others, well, depending on who shares it, lives it or has heard it or even told it. We all have something to share and through our stories…we find happiness or doom, faith or discontent…..stories help shape who we are and how we feel.

Whether they are fictional or non-fictional, generated and made up of imaginary characters or made up of our own experiences and our own lives, stories tend to speak truth…. Stories offer a vision of what is possible – the love, healing, and grace that are available in abundance, just for the asking. Stories inspire faith and celebrate hope!!!

Faith is the consoling truth that sometimes beyond ourselves is accessible and available and waiting to partner with us. However we interpret, inwardly, faith encompasses one’s beliefs and outwardly, it colors experiences and expression in the world…With faith, we can see little miracles everywhere – the signposts on the path and the affirmation that we are not alone…..

My story is one that I was scared to share, even with my own self. One that I thought no one would want to hear, but in telling and thinking about my story, I do hope to help others. I wish to motivate, provide support and provide people with faith that life can be better, others can achieve what they want whether it is fitness oriented, goal making oriented or just plain inspiring!

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