Putting Humpty-Dumpty Back Together Again! Confidence, Failure, Success

Self Image has always been a problem for me….As I tell in my many stories, I was always the chunky kid. I was bullied or I bullied others and never really felt like I fit in. I hung around with people who I thought accepted me and I followed people who I thought were part of the in crowd….

As stated in the 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, I put a small value on myself and sure enough the world around me did not raise the price….So I beat myself up a lot, did not feel confident and never really knew how to be ME or do what it would take to make ME HAPPY!

I recently have begun developing and adding small positive changes in my life. Ones that I would like to bestow upon my son…if nobody else, at least him… It is so important that kids today are confident and live in a confident environment, at least I think so…

Everytime, someone looks in the mirror and says, even to themselves, “I do not like the way these jeans fit me”, or “I don’t like my legs or butt or stomache”, Your Child HEARS you…..Every look of disgust you give yourself, Your child sees it! You may not even know you are self-talking negatively, but what comes out, does go into the ears of our children….

My son asked me one day, “Mom, am I handsome?” and that changed my whole outlook on how I self talk. It came to light that my negativity or lack of confidence was affecting him in little ways now but could add up to larger ways in the future…Just like I felt when I was growing up. I realized I was not encouraging myself, sometimes I was not confident and I was undermining my self-worth….Something I did not want my child to inherit.

It will take some time and changing but I promised that I wanted to teach my son self confidence and self worth. I, too, want to be more confident and in reality, I really am better than I was before, I was not 100% confident.

(I recently joined a group online and announced that for the next 30 days, I will be positive and confident and so far I must say, I am doing it and I am passing my confidence onto my son)

Motivation does not just happen. It is Making Changes and continuously doing them, that motivation keeps us going. But we need to make the change first…..Whatever it is you want to change, take small steps and do it , continue to do it, and then when you see positive results, you will be MOTIVATED! For some, it may be a small change until you get the hang of it, but do it! If not for you, then your children.


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