Finding Your Mojo

Did you ever read the Compound Effect by Darren Hardy? Well, I highly recommend this book to anyone who would like to engage in Personal Development. Yes, me, I said it – Personal Development….

Do you have any bad habits? Do you rely on instant gratification? Something you see, you want? We are a creature of habit….We can’t help it…Most of us have developed our habits unconsciously by either modeling our parents, friends, co-workers, our environment, etc… But, according to the Compound Effect, even though we may have some habits that really are not serving us justice, we CAN CHANGE! Do you believe it?

What a lot of people do not realize is that a single bad habit, that doesn’t look, like a lot right now, can really screw us up in the long run! Yes, I said it….Those Whoppers or as Darren Hardy puts it “Big Macs” you eat now, may not seem to be affecting you now, but keep eating them, lets see how your heart, cholestertol, etc…is years from now…. It is the little things we do not that will affect us in the future…It’s hard to imagine, but its true….Actually, read the book and you will learn a lot more!!

If you think its will power that can help you change those habits you now wish would vanish….You may be wrong….It is the Why-Power! Huh…..
Think about that for a day and I will return tomorrow with more on success, failures, and finding what works for YOU!


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