Measurements Entered! It’s all too real!

Well, today I submitted my before and after photos to Beachbody so I can get my T25 “Nailed It” tshirt….Well, some would say, wow, all that for a t-shirt? And I guess some would be right but then I think of the first day I started with the T25 program and how scared I was starting it, wondering if I could keep up, and for the first week, I couldn’t. I won’t lie….But I got better. I looked forward to the challenge of completing the next workout and before you know it, I completed each exercise, start to finish, without stopping! So, to some it may be a t-shirt but for me, it means a whole lot more. Looking at my before and afters has helped me realize how far I have come, physically and mentally. But also how much more I can do to get better! I am far from done, and will continue on my journey…But for now, I am happy to be able to say I completed something! It’s not just about the results, its about completion….I started a lot of things in my day, only to stop once it got too hard, or got too boring…I am now at the part of my life where I want the challenge, I want to help others, I want to show my son how mommy can keep up with him and help him know what is good and not good for you at such an early age…So today they were submitted. I sent in private, personal information but I would do it all over again, just because of the feeling you get. The confidence returning…..Can’t wait to see the next before and afters!!! Yikes!


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