Super Sunday! 9/28/2014

Ok so it is on for Today!  Super Sunday = Super Excited!  I get to meet some great Beachbody coaches today and learn some great informtion and hopefully, make some great friends…..Everyone sees my posts, my pictures, my challenge invites and so on….I coach because I want to help change lives! My life was changed drastically when I started my first Beachbody Program….and not only am I talking physically but mentally as well. As someone who just a few months ago, felt lost and depressed, I am now enjoying life much better now! lol…..I love my family, friends and most of all my son but I didn’t love ME! Due to some outstanding people that I have met, fitness programs that I completed, I am a new person….I now try to surround myself with positive people. I now try to help others, who may want or don’t want my help, but I know I am here to help, even if it means only helping myself! What better gift I can give myself!  So pumped for today and will take lots of notes, pics and try the new P90 workout!  Bring it on people!!!


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