WhY BeCoMe A BeAcHbOdY CoAcH?

Have you ever wanted more? Work from home, make some extra cash, or know someone who could benefit from a health or fitness change? Well, If Yes was one of your answers this may be an opportunity for you….

I began a journey months ago, deciding that I needed a change…I take care of my child, my husband, my house, everything else and yet, I left myself in the background always thinking “I’ll get to you someday”…Well, years went by, I got older and it became harder to focus on me as my “everyday duties” became more and more, and I totally left me behind…Anyone have that felt that way or feel that way now? It took a lot of thinking about what I wanted to accomplish for myself…and I came to the realization after looking into my son’s eyes, that He, was the only motivation I needed….I needed to take time for myself. I was losing me and turning into a “robot” type person…..Not feeling anything inside except a need for something…and then it hit me, I want to feel better! Just like that! Then I had to implement small changes…Taking a zumba class here and there, asking my husband to take over for some time and allow me “my” time…Of course, I know I deserved it, but initially I felt guilty…I thought I was neglecting my family for that hour I took for myself. But you know what? I loved it so I made more changes, started an at home fitness program, T25, and since it was only 30 mins a day, I still had the time to do everything I needed to do as a mom, wife, house cleaner, shopper, and all the other “hats” I wear around here….And then my life changed!!! Seeing Shaun T everyday made my day, changed my life and helped me changed my body! This is how my story began…….


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