Personal Development and Living

You all know my story by now and how much weight I lost, inches, and how I feel good and want to let everyone know they can feel great too…..But it goes beyond that for me. I started to see once I started with T25 then with Beachbody, that I wanted to be normal again. What does that mean???? Before I got married, before i had my son, I was a person who always took a challenge, always was up for anything, thought I was taking care of myself and eating good. (lean cuisines, low fat foods, etc. as we all thougth), I actually liked me. There were times in my life where I also haf great struggles to!!! Those I may get into furhter down the line, since only a few close friends and family know about those! But once I got married and had my son, my life was gone. I am blessed to have my son, and wouldnt have it any other way, but I focused all my attention on him and my husband that I became a robot. Feeling nothing except for what my son felt, if he was happy, I was happy, etc…I began living for him….and forgetting about what I liked and what i liked to do. It is truly my belief that everything happens for a reason and I believe I was meant to go through the hardships in my life, get married to the man I am with now and have my son when I had him, later in life.

But once I started exercising and really starting watching what I ate, not like counting points or eating lean cuiines and low fat foods, I began a transformation. I loved how I felt. I stil do…..And I know it takes time to develop and treansform and it will not happen overnight, but at least I know, I feel better, am healthier and can say, I love to exercise, Zumba and Bootcamp…Yes Bootcamp, a year ago if you asked me to go to a bootcamp, I’d say no way can I keep up with those peopel….But you know what, I tried it and yes it was hard and still is to this day but I did it….I found the inner me that was locked away for a long time…It is now unleashed and now I am not just happy seeing the results of my transformation, I want to help others too. Because there are peopel out there who are thinking or have thought about how they would love to start changing thier lives and living a cleaner healthier life but just dont how to start…..I am that person who will try to motivate you and get you going….Am I a coach for the money, heck no because that is not my goal, Im in it to help others……And I would love to help YOU if your reading this, thinking.hmmmm, I want to change my life!


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