A New Blog! A New Begginning

Well, Ive decided to create a blog…Why? Because I love writing and talking and what better way to put my words down on paper…….I want to begin by sharing with you my story….I am a mother of a wonderful son and a wife to a terrific husband….But as years have passed, I noticed that I was not taking any time for ME! I love being a wife and mother and would not trade it for the world, but I realized I needed something else. So I decided to take a little time for me and take a zumba class…Silly, instead of taking a night to go out with the girls, or going to a movie or shopping, I chose Zumba! I instantly fell in love with the class and continued to go every week…I started to like the way I felt so I decided to start an exercise program and saw a commercial for T25….So I purchased it, thinking I can take out 30 mins a day for myself to do a workout program….But it became more than that…..I loved it…Don’t get me wrong, it was hard, but I used the modified moves for a while until I was able to keep up with the man himself! lol … I found myself talking with a friend, who was a Beachbody Coach, about working out and what I was doing since it showed in my FB posts how excited I was and how I wanted to tell everyone about my progress and the program I was doing.  She suggested I become a Beachbody Coach….ME? I was just getting into my journey, I dont know anything about beachbody or coaching and most of all how to sell products….She explained to me that I was basically doing what a coach does by sharing my story and being honest and helping others by answering questions, inspiring others and opening up about my feelings before I started working out and eating better.  I was not having it, yet, but I did look into it and it stuck in the back of my head that maybe when I was in better shape I could do this… So I continued doing T25 and I loved it. , I loved the challenge of doing the program, eating better and then seeing the results. Don’t get me wrong, …It was hard and some days I thought to myself, why did I commit to this program? But I started seeing small results…Not huge but small such as my pants getting looser or my rings feeling a bit big…..I finished the first 6 weeks and took my measurements and realized that I lost inches all over my body, and 14 pounds too! Yeah, I was hooked and loved working the T25 Program….Shaun T actually changed my life, or at least, helped me and motivated me to change my life. People started seeing results and asking what I was doing, so I told them not knowing I was inspiring them as well. One day after taking measurements and seeing that I lost another 3 pounds, I came to a conclusion….I decided I did want others to know my story, I wanted to help others achieve their fitness goals and I wanted to try to be a Beachbody Coach.  Even if I helped one person, it would be worth it. I realized that I needed to help others so that I can stay accountable to them and to myself to keep going. I wanted to share with others how I felt before I took that first step into exercising and how I did put it off for a very long time…..I wanted to let others know I was there for them, if they needed someone just to talk to….Pay it forward I call it…I feel so happy to be where I am today and I still have a long way to go but by helping others, I can continue to help myself……


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